COMPANY PROFILE / Corporate Culture


Enterprise Vision(Prospect)

Turn the Good Visions of Customers into Realities,

Become the Leading Enterprise of the Industry.


Enterprise Missions

Provide Tip Top Services for Customers,

Create Maximum Values for Society,

Create a Career Platform for Employees.


Core Value

Justice and Honest, Achieve the Customers

Professional and Reliable, Keep Improving


Spirit Of Enterprise

Professional and Reliable, Keep Improving


Enterprise Motto

Customer First, Then Follows the Benefits

Benefit of Team is Supreme
Wan’an Project Management, Keep Improving

The brave will Survive, Act fast
Set an Example for Others and Practice What One Preaches

Constructed by Wan’ an, Construct for Wan’ an

Staff is the Most Important Asset

Trifles Lead to the Important, Details Makes Perfect

Do Good Deeds, Accumulate Virtue and Merit


Company Logo


The logo is a Stylized rendering of the capital letters of “wan’an”. Red represents ambitions, creation and passion,blue for profession, standard and high integrity. The design symbolized the company determined to become the benchmark of engineering consulting industry in China.


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