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QualificationHonorary qualification

Wanan Qualification

1、Engineering Supervision Integrated Qualification Class-A

2、Grade-A Project Cost of Qualification 

3、Grade A Qualification of Project Bidding Agency

4、First Class Qualification of Project Management

5、Grade A Qualification of Government Procurement

6、Grade A Engineering Consulting Qualification

7、Grade A Qualification of Bidding Agency for Central Investment Projects

8、Quality Management System Authentication

9、Environmental Management System Authentication

10、Occupational Health and safety management system certification Authentocatopn

  • 政府采购甲级资质
  • 工程招标代理甲级资质
  • 工程监理综合甲级资质
  • 项目管理一等资质
  • 工程造价甲级资质
  • 中央投资项目招标代理甲级资质
  • 执照
  • 职业健康安全管理体系认证
  • 环境管理体系
  • 质量管理体系
  • 工程咨询甲级资质