Branch Manager

Branch Manager/Senior Partner (1)

Position Responsibilities:

Preside the branch routine work, responsible for the branch market business development and team management.

Strong market development ability, able to work effectively under great pressure; excellent communication, interpersonal and coordination skills, good society relationships. If you are interested in this position, please call: 13982079864.

Deputy General Manager

Deputy General Manager (1)
Position Responsibilities:

Responsible for the whole process engineering consulting management and supervision management.

Full-time junior college or above; intermediate professional title or above; at least 3 years working experience as a vice general manager in large design institute, construction, real estate development or engineering consulting firms; with certificate of the national supervision engineer, the cost engineer, certified consulting engineer or class A registered structural engineer; familiar with the national laws, regulations of bidding and tendering and the project construction management; below the age of 50.

Chief Supervision Engineer (5)

Chief Supervision Engineer (5)
Junior college of building, bridge, water conservancy or above; with national supervision engineer qualification certificate; at least 2 years working experience as a chief supervision engineer.

Supervision Engineer

Supervision Engineer (16)

Junior college of electrical, road and bridge, landscape, water supply and drainage or above; with intermediate professional title, the national supervision engineer certificate takes precedence.

Business Managers

Business Managers(4-5)
Responsible for marketing work of construction project management, engineering supervision, bidding, and the whole process of consulting business; expand  and manage marketing channels, looking for new projects; coordinate customer relationship maintenance, build good customer relationships.

Supervisor/ Documenter

Supervisor/ Documenter (10)
Major of civil or bridge, engineering supervision and other relevant major; at least one year working experience.
Working place: Chengdu, Mianyang, Ziyang, Panzhihua, Luzhou, Nanbu Country.


Tenderer (4)
familiar with the process of bidding ,tendering and government procurement laws and regulations, at least 2 years working experience as a tenderer; able to work independently to complete the bidding work.

Cost Engineer

Cost Engineer (4)
Major of cost, construction or installation; at least 8 years working experience as a cost engineer; with consulting firm experience.

Consulting Engineers

Consulting Engineers (2)

Junior college of construction or above; with registered consulting engineer certificate; good skills in feasibility study, project proposal, planning and consulting, energy saving, stability assessment, assessment, and PPP consulting.


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