Chengdu wanan construction project management co., LTD is one of the integrated service leader for engineering construction projects in China, is China's well-known large-scale construction project integrated service company, is one of the top 10 China construction engineering project management enterprises, companies in engineering project management, bidding agency (first class) (grade a, including government procurement, agent construction project bidding agent), the international bidding agent, the central investment, engineering supervision (class a), engineering cost consulting (class a) and engineering consulting (class a) as the main business, because business grows need, now we sincerely invite the following people join companies and seek common development:

General Manager 1

    Building or bachelor degree or above, major in management or related, 50 years old the following, intermediate and above titles, with professional technical advice or construction enterprises, real estate enterprises with more than 5 years work experience, job position has the strong organization, coordination and communication ability, execution, passion with salary.Be responsible for daily operation and management, can lead the team to complete the company issued by the board of directors the objectives.


Deputy manager of construction project management 2

    Construction related professional bachelor degree or above, senior titles, registered with the national construction qualification certificate is preferred;Above 5 years work experience, include with the project manager of party a, the construction project manager or project management, project management, contract management engineer experience more than 2 years;Good at interpersonal and team management, organization management, familiar with the process of real estate development and operation mode.

vice manager of The construction cost consultation, 1

    Has a cost or construction experience, college degree or above, intermediate technical titles, there are large and medium-sized construction cost consulting company or foreign investment consulting company 3 years working experience in head, have stronger organization, coordination, communication and public relations skills, strong negotiation skills, strong sense of responsibility, able to form a team, holding the cost engineer certificate

Guizhou branch manager 1 Annual salary more than 300000

    Job responsibilities: host branch comprehensive business management work, responsible for the branch market business development and team management.
    Job requirements: strong market development ability, able to work under pressure; Strong ability of communication and coordination, management ability, good connections resources in Guizhou province and social relations; Have more than 3 years with the job position. Annual Salary is more than 300000, if you are interested in this position, please directly contact: 13982079864  for scheduled interview

The cost of the project implementation manager 2

    Between 30 to 55 years old, construction or installation related college degree or above, intermediate title, has the national division, cost cost more than 8 years work experience.

    Working location: chengdu, luzhou

General supervision engineer 2

    Building, full-time college degree or above in related majors, such as senior engineer, national supervision engineer qualification certificate, at the same time holding the division's qualification certificate is preferred, such as cost position more than five years, served as director for Luban cup is preferred.

Marketing manager 3-4

    Engineering consulting, supervision, sales of medicine and health care system more than 3 years sales experience, experience or education system have a wide range of contacts and customer resources. Familiar with government procurement agency experience is preferred.

Supervision engineer 6

    Civil or electrical or related professional college degree or above, have intermediate title, the national supervision engineer certificate is preferred, working location: installation engineer 3, civil engineer 3

Bidding agent project manager(Tenderer) 5

    Building or management class and relevant professional college degree or above, with bidding or tendering qualification certificate, familiar with the process of government investment in the bidding work, organization, bidding work independently, can adapt long-term on business.

The finance department director 1

    Financial accounting and other related professional college degree or above, accountant or above title;Have 10 years financial work experience, including 5 years financial supervisor or financial manager experience or above, familiar with the financial and tax process, familiar with national financial and tax policies and regulations;Have good learning ability and the ability to work independently and financial analysis skills.

supervisor with documentation 3

    Civil engineering and other related professional college degree or above, 1 years of relevant working experience, working location:Ganzi

The PPP project commissioner

(1)Education requirement: bachelor degree (accounting, economics, engineering major is          preferred), the PPP compilation experience is preferred.
(2)Careful, stable personality, dare to bear, has a strong sense of responsibility, have affinity, good at communication.
(3)Good Writing, clear mind, can write standard format documents, assist to complete department data compilation, writing and coordination, distribution work.
(4)Have been involved in accounting, auditing, banking, securities, and financial aspects of at least one year working experience.
(5)Have been involved in the project prophase project, feasibility study, project fund application report, project planning and packaging, investment estimation, financial evaluation,economic evaluation, etc. is preferred.
(6)Study, research, develop new business, new projects, and responsible for the promotion in the company.


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